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Dr. XI LEE's Natural Health Medicine! Girls Learn Tai Chi Chuan Now! DVD

Tai Chi Chuan 108 Long Form Imperial Yang Style Instructional DVD Page!

Dr. XI Lee's Yang Style Imperial Tai Chi Chuan DVD


Now Available By Popular Request!


Dr. XI Lee's Yang Style Imperial Long Form Tai Chi Chuan DVD!

   You can select any one specific form to practice your lessons, or you can let the "Easy Flow Tutorial" menu play each form, all four angles, north, south, east, and west view. It then plays on to the next form, north, south, east, and west view, and so on, from movements 1 thru 108.  

   Bonus! Each form video segment has an instructional voice over detailing weight distribution, including heel and toe placement and orientation. 

   Many schools and individuals from around the world have called or written SKRI Tech, asking to buy a DVD of the Imperial Long Form and foot patterns that we are now making one available that is true to our temple's form and the same as if the practitioner were attending SKRI Tech in person. This means that Breathing, Nutrition, and knowing how and being able to circulate your Chi Life Force are as every bit important as physical movements and postures. - Dr. XI Lee

   Dr. XI Lee's Yang Style Imperial Long Form Tai Chi Chuan DVD will clearly teach any Girl or Boy, Woman or Man, exactly how to move, when to breath in and when to breath out, eye focus during movements, proper foot placement, hand waist and head elevations for smooth flow of movement and energy. Plus! Multiple video angles! North, South, East, and West views of all 108 postures and movements, 432 video clips featuring four different views of each form, so that you learn it right the first time you practice!

Yang Style Imperial Long Form Tai Chi Chuan DVD!
DVD Proceeds Go Toward Helping Support Orphanages And Keeping This Medicinal Tai Chi Chuan Online Course Free and 
Accessible For Those Who Have Little Medical And Health Training Resources In Their Regions Around The World.




Four views 'Auto Play' consecutively from 1st movement thru to the 108th posture!





You can also select just one specific form and just one specific view!



"Girls! Learn Tai Chi Chuan Now!" DVD 9 Disc Set

New! Special Introductory Low Price! Reg $199.95 Now Only $149.95 - Order Now!

30 Day Return! - "100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back!" - Dr. XI LEE


See The Entire 108 Posture Long Form With Foot Pattern Clearly Defined! 

Learn The Chi Kung Baby's Breath Life Force Breathing Technique! 

DIET And Nutrition! 
The XIan Life Diet Overview and How To Immediately Have More Energy 
And Rapid Accelerated Healing and Body Regeneration! 

A Clear And Simple Lesson On How To Cultivate And Circulate Your Body's Chi Flow! 

Free Shipping To Most Countries!


Dr. XI Lee's Natural Health Medicine



A Big Thank You! To All Who Helped Make Our Free Online Course. . . 

The #1 Free Online Tai Chi Chuan Course In The World!

Enjoy This Free Online Tai Chi Chuan Course Courtesy of SKRI TECH

Tai Chi Chuan Start  Tai Chi Chuan Quan Ji Fa SKRI TECH Online Learning Center
Tai Chi Chuan Seven Palm - Pathways Tai Chi Chuan Vital Postures Extra Tai Chi Chuan Vital Postures Extra
1 Preparation 37 Single Whip 73 Wave Hands Like Clouds
2 Tai Chi Beginning 38 High Pat on Horse 74 Single Whip
3 Ward Off Left 39 Separate Right Leg 75 Snake Creeps Down
4 Ward Off Right 40 Separate Left Leg 76 Golden Pheasant Stands On One Leg - Left
5 Roll Back 41 Turn and Kick With Sole 77 Golden Pheasant Stands on One Leg - Right
6 Press 42 Brush Knee Left 78 Repulse the Monkey
7 Push 43 Brush Knee Right 79 Slant Flying
8 Single Whip 44 Planting Punch 80 Lifting Hands
9 Lifting Hands 45 Turn and Cover Right 81 White Crane Spreads Wings
10 White Crane Spreads Wings 46 White Snake Darts Out Its Tongue 82 Brush Knee Left
11 Brush Knee Left 47 Intercept and Punch 83 Pick Up Needle on Sea Bottom
12 Play Guitar 48 Kick with Right Sole 84 Fan Through the Back
13 Brush Knee Left 49 Hit the Tiger Left 85 Turn and Chop with Fist
14 Step Forward, Brush Knee Right 50 Hit the Tiger Right 86 Deflect, Intercept and Punch
15 Step Forward, Brush Knee Left 51 Kick with Right Sole 87 Step Forward, Ward Off Right
16 Play Guitar 52 Double Wind to the Ears 88 Grasp the Birdís Tail
17 Brush Knee Left 53 Kick with Left Sole 89 Single Whip
18 Deflect, Intercept and Punch 54 Turn and Kick with Right Sole 90 Wave Hands Like Clouds
19 Withdraw and Push 55 Step Down and Punch 91 Single Whip
20 Close: Cross Hands 56 Withdraw and Push 92 High Pat on Horse
21 Carry Tiger To Mountain 57 Close: Cross Hands 93 White Snake Spits Out Tongue
22 Grasp The Birdís Tail 58 Carry Tiger To Mountain 94 Turn and Cross Kick - Right Leg
23 Diagonal Single Whip to Fist Under Elbow 59 Grasp the Birdís Tail 95 Step Down and Punch Low
24 Repulse The Monkey 60 Diagonal Single Whip 96 Step Forward, Ward Off Right
25 Slant Flying 61 Part the Wild Horseís Mane Right 97 Grasp the Birdís Tail
26 Lifting Hands 62 Part the Wild Horseís Mane Left 98 Single Whip
27 White Crane Spreads Wings 63 Part the Wild Horseís Mane Right 99 Snake Creeps Down
28 Brush Knee Left 64 Ward Off Left 100 Step Forward, Seven Stars
29 Pick Up Needle on Sea Bottom 65 Ward Off Right 101 Retreat and Ride Tiger
30 Fan Through the Back 66 Grasp the Birdís Tail 102 Turn and Horizontal Kick Right
31 Turn and Chop with Fist 67 Single Whip 103 Shoot Tiger With Bow
32 Intercept and Punch 68 Fair Lady Works the Shuttle 104 Deflect, Intercept and Punch
33 Step Forward, Ward Off Right 69 Ward Off Left 105 Withdraw and Push
34 Grasp the Birdís Tail 70 Ward Off Right 106 Close: Cross Hands
35 Single Whip 71 Grasp the Birdís Tail 107 Tai Chi Ending - Center Toward Right
36 Wave Hands Like Clouds 72 Single Whip 108 Breath and Bow


Dr. XI LEE's Natural Health Medicine! Girls Learn Tai Chi Chuan Now! DVD

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